Green Bonds

Castellum´s view is that sustainability is a requirement for economic growth. Castellum is one of the largest players in the industry, but survivability is based on continuous development of the company. Sustainability activities are about conducting business in a responsible manner and creating sustainable solutions from economic and ecological, as well as social perspectives. Sustainability efforts have always been a natural part of Castellum operations. As a long-term player and community builder, it has been natural to contribute in various ways to the development of a sustainable society.

We view funding via the issuance of Green Bonds under our existing MTN-program as a possibility for investors to be able to contribute to some of our most sustainable projects and assets. The general terms and conditions of issued Green Bonds correspond with other issued bonds under Castellum’s MTN program, with the important difference that proceeds from issued Green Bonds may only be allocated to Eligible Projects and Assets in accordance with Castellum’s Green Terms.

Castellum will strive to monitor the development of the Green Bond market to continually advance the Green Terms. As such our Green Bond Framework may be updated from time to time to reflect current market practices. In establishing the terms in our framework we have sought to comply with the Green Bond Principles (June, 2016) as well as the current best market practice.

Castellum will publish a yearly report on this webpage which i.a. will describe the use of funds from issued Green Bonds and adherence to the Green Terms. The first report is expected to be published in March 2017 and will be available in English and Swedish.

Castellum has worked together with Handelsbanken to develop the Green Bond Framework and Sustainalytics has provided a second opinion on the Green Terms, which is available on this website.