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  • Castellum divests portfolio in Gävle for SEK 2.3 billion

    Castellum is divesting 12 properties in Gävle to Fastighets AB Regio. The sale price is approximately SEK 2.3 billion less overheads and deferred tax totalling approximately MSEK 130. The sale resulted in an impairment of goodwill of approximately MSEK 150 and deferred tax income of approximately MSEK 300. The underlying property value exceeds the latest valuation by approximately 10%.

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    Year-end report 2021

    Castellum posts its highest earnings ever, and proposes an increased dividend for the 24th consecutive year

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    Maria Strandberg new CFO at Castellum

    Maria Strandberg has been appointed the new CFO at Castellum AB. She will take office on 1 March.

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    The Election Committee's proposal for resolutions at the Annual General Meeting 2022 of Castellum AB (publ)

    The Election Committee of Castellum proposes Henrik Käll to be elected as new member of the Board of Directors of Castellum. Per Berggren (Chairperson), Anna Kinberg Batra, Anna-Karin Celsing, Joacim Sjöberg and Rutger Arnhult are proposed for re-election. Christina Karlsson Kazeem and Zdravko Markovski have declined re-election.

  • Castellum is the Nordic regions most sustainable property company - and sixth in the world

    For the sixth consecutive year Castellum is included in The Sustainability Yearbook, which ranks the world's leading companies in sustainability. As a sustainable property company, we are number one in the Nordics, second in Europe and sixth globally.

  • Double international top marks for Castellum's sustainability work

    Success continues for Castellum's sustainability work. Recently Castellum received the highest rating in two international rankings of companies' sustainability performance, MSCI and Sustainalytics, respectively.

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    Castellum presents new management team

    Castellum's newly appointed CEO Rutger Arnhult presents the company's new management team and organisation. The company will have an Executive Management Group comprising 12 people and recruits a Head of Finance and a Chief Legal Officer from Corem Property Group.

  • Invitation to presentation of Castellum's year-end report 2021

    On Wednesday, 16 February at 8:00 a.m. (CET), Castellum will publish its year-end report for 2021. Investors, analysts and journalists are invited to a live webcast of the report at 9:00 a.m. (CET), where CEO Rutger Arnhult and Vice President and CFO Ylva Sarby Westman will be commenting on the results.

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    Ylva Sarby Westman leaves her position as deputy CEO and CFO of Castellum

    Ylva Sarby Westman has informed the company that she has decided to leave her position as deputy CEO and CFO of Castellum at her own request. She has been employed by Castellum since December 2021 and will remain in her position while the recruitment of a new CFO progresses.

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    Rutger Arnhult appointed as CEO and Per Berggren appointed as Chairman of the Board of Castellum

    The Board of Directors of Castellum has appointed its current Chairman Rutger Arnhult as CEO of Castellum, taking office today on 10 January 2022. The Board has made an overall assessment of what will be required to ensure a successful integration of Castellum and Kungsleden. The Board has not agreed with the CEO, Biljana Pehrsson, on how this work should be executed. Against this background, Biljana Pehrsson leaves her position and Rutger Arnhult replaces her as CEO.