Risks and risk management

Property ownership and management exposes operations to internal and external risks, or uncertainty factors that could impact the Group’s ability to achieve its overall objectives for growth.

Castellum conducts an annual risk survey in which all the company’s risks are assessed based on likelihood, impact, priority and development. Short- and medium-term risks are analysed for a period of up to 10 years. Over the last several years, Castellum has also worked on analysing various future climate-related risks and possibilities over the long term up through 2050. To facilitate risk management, Castellum has chosen to classify risks into the following categories:

• Business environment – risks due to the influence of
external factors and events.
• Strategic risks – risks associated with reputation or
the ownership of Castellum’s asset portfolio.
• Operational risks – risks associated with routine administration of Castellum’s property holdings.
• Sustainability and climate risks – risks associated with
the environment, corporate responsibility and/or liability risks.
• People – risks associated with our employees and the people in and around our properties.
• Financial risk – risks in Castellum’s financing and reporting.

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