In everything we do, we put people at the centre, and design the real estate to work for them.

About Castellum

Castellum is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies. Castellum is also one of Sweden’s most prominent property-developers and one of the country’s largest real estate companies listed on the stock exchange – every day 250,000 people go to work in our buildings.

Serving our customers at close range

The real estate portfolio is owned and managed under the Castellum brand through a decentralized organization with strong and clear local presence in 20 cities in Sweden and also in Copenhagen and Helsinki. We grow along with the requirements of both new and existing customers and we actively participate in the development of cities and city neighbourhoods. Our decentralized organization guarantee comprehensive knowledge of each local market, a close relationship to customers and a thorough understanding of their operating realities. We know that deals are made between people. An open dialogue with customers results in custom-made solutions that promote well-being, efficiency, and profitability – as well as a motivated workforce.

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We know that satisfied employees result in satisfied customers

We take good care of both properties and customers – with our own employees, our co-workers. We’re right there—on the spot—and can carry out quick decisions with a sense of personal responsibility. Our de-centralized working process creates better understanding; our co-workers engage and participate actively. This in turn, creates smoother operating processes and well-being, all around. Regular surveys measure how well we are perceived as employers, and in 2017, our NMI (Satisfied Employee Index) scored 81 (out of 100). We also register customer satisfaction via an NKI (Satisfied Customer Index) and that’s how we know that 90% of our customers would recommend us as landlords.

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We believe in sustainable development

Sustainability has always been a natural element of Castellum operations. As far-sighted property-owners we focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability. This can cover everything from utilizing natural resources as efficiently as possible, with reliable monitoring processes – to ensuring that our properties are environmentally certified. Moreover, Castellum actively contributes to the sustainable development of the cities which host our operations. The company also supports local young people through summer employment opportunities and apprentice programs.

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We invest approx. SEK 4.0 billion annually

Castellum is a longterm player, and our economic growth is based on the fact that we develop along with customer requirements as well as market possibilities. This demands continuous development of our real-estate portfolio. Development occurs through acquisitions, new constructions, expansions and refurbishment – but also through strategic divestitures. The strategy is to net invest at least 5% of the property value, corresponding to approx. SEK 4.0 billion. This makes us a growing company, and a natural development partner in each local market.

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We’re going to grow 10% per year

We have a clear economic objective: every year we will improve our property management financial performance by 10%, within a low-risk framework. Our tenant Contract portfolio reflects a spectrum of Swedish enterprises, and comprises many customers from various industries. Castellum currently has 6,200 rental contracts, and the largest contract represents 2 percent. Our loan-to-value ratio may never exceed 55 percent of the property value, and our interest coverage ratio—which measures property management income in relation to financial costs—should be at least 200 percent.

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