Sillfabriken feels like home to Sneaky Steve

For Måns Månsson, CEO of the Sneaky Steve shoe company, it was ambience – feeling and location – that turned out to be crucial. A brand built on heart and soul and fine craftsmanship requires the precisely right space to thrive in. Sneaky Steve’s home has been the Sillfabriken building in the Klippan area of Gothenburg, since the autumn of 2016.

“The area around Klippan and Röda Sten has an exciting history and a rich seafaring atmosphere of shipping and industry that we really like”, says Måns Månsson.
Sneaky Steve previously had its head office on Magasinsgatan central Gothenburg, in the same building as one of the company’s four retail stores. But along with company expansion came the need for larger premises. When the Sillfabriken building popped up as an alternative, there wasn’t much to think about.
“Here, we could be involved in freely creating something entirely new, and totally according to our own design and branding concepts, in an interesting heritage building”, says Sneaky Steve’s CEO, Måns Månsson.
An area of 400 square metres now contains a showroom for the company’s collection of shoes, boots and accessories, eight office spaces and a large open area where guests and personnel can take a seat for work or relaxation. Generous high ceilings and large windows create space and light, while providing a spectacular view over the river. Interior colours are dominated by whites and various shades of gray, matched by hardwood floors and custom-designed carpentry as well as a carefully selected collection of second-hand furniture. All surrounded by the unmistakable scent of leather. Very cool results!
“With Castellum, we’ve been able to create a really fine space that reflects our brand and accommodates our current requirements as well as allowing for future growth. The premises work just as well for retailer meetings and product demonstrations as for employee activities. And a coffee break on the large common terrace when the sun is shining is a high-point both for us and our guests”, says Måns Månsson.
Brief notes re this location: Klippan was once the scene of Gothenburg’s first deep-water harbour, where the East India Company ships were tied up. During the 1700’s, a huge herring-salting facility was established (hence, the Sillfabriken name: “herring factory”), to be followed by many more industries in the 1800’s. In developing the Sillfabriken property, we’ve made sure to retain the best of the area’s unique atmospheric and character traits, and created a stimulating environment for modern, creative companies.