Active property development requires investments


The property portfolio is located in growth areas in Sweden, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The commercial portfolio consists of 46% office, 23% public sector properties, 15% warehouse/logistics, 9% retail and 3% light industry. Property locations range from inner city sites to well-situated working-areas with good public transportation and services. The remaining 4% consist of developments and undeveloped land. Castellum owns approx. 825,000 sq.m. of unutilized building rights and furthermore ongoing developments with remaining investments of approx. SEK 1.7 billion.

During the period, investments totalling MSEK 3,456 (5,432) were carried out, of which MSEK 1,333 (3,452) were acquisitions and MSEK 2,123 (1,980) new developments, extensions and redevelopments. After sales and cash settlement of MSEK 447 (872) net investments amounted to MSEK 3,009 (4,560).