Operating guidelines for handling personal data


In contacts with Castellum AB, it can happen that particular elements of personal data are registered. Personal data are defined as any information that is directly linked to a natural, living person.

Castellum AB takes conscientious control of any personal data provided through www.castellum.se. What follows is a description of the guidelines that Castellum applies to personal data processing. Castellum AB will handle personal data in a lawful and correct manner, so that those providing their personal data may feel assured that their privacy is respected and that necessary measures are taken to protect all data.

Which information is collected?

Most Castellum AB services require no registration, and you can visit our website without disclosing who you are. However, some services may require you to provide personal information. The personal data collected through the site may include, for example: email address, name, title, workplace, residential address, telephone number, personal identity number -- or other information necessary to perform the services offered.

How is the information used?

The data collected will be used to:

  • Prepare, administer and fulfil contracts with our customers
  • Assure safe and easy use of our website
  • Communicate, in connection with various kinds of offers and customer cases
  • Provide information about the company and its services
  • Feature relevant marketing activities
  • Develop our services

Who receives the information?

Castellum AB may disclose personal information to other companies within the Castellum Group. Personal data will not be disclosed to other data controllers unless required by law, regulation or official order. Exceptions may apply to non-sensitive personal information, such as storage of e-mail addresses intended, for example, to distribute financial information or press releases. These might be administered by a third party.

Security and privacy

Activities will be conscientious and long-term to protect personal data from unauthorized access, loss or corruption.


These guidelines for the protection and management of personal data only apply to this website and not to websites owned by third parties. Castellum AB may provide links to other websites that may be of interest to visitors. However, Castellum AB cannot take responsibility for the handling of personal data at these sites. Site visitors are recommended to review privacy policies applicable to each site.

Information on the website

Castellum AB does not guarantee that the information on the website is complete and correct.


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There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and disappear when the user shuts down the browser. Persistent cookies, however, remain on the computer or device for a limited time. These cookies are removed from the website when their expiration time has passed or when the user chooses to remove them.

Cookies are used at castellum.se to collect visitor statistics and to make necessary adjustments to the video service. No information that can identify a visitor is stored. Castellum uses the Google Analytics web-analysis tool provided by Google Inc. for visitor statistics, and the self-service tool provided by Vimeo for films.

Learn more about how Google uses cookies and which cookies are being utilized:

Learn more about how Vimeo uses cookies and which cookies are being utilized: vimeo.com/cookie_policy

For more information about cookies and how to prevent cookies from being stored in your computer, please visit the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s website: http://www.pts.se/en-GB/Industry/Regulations/Legislation/Electronic-Communications-Act/FAQ-about-cookies/QA-about-cookies-for-website-owners/

Update of guidelines

Castellum AB will occasionally update these guidelines. Visitors are therefore advised to regularly check whether any changes have occurred before they provide personal information.


If you have questions about the handling of personal data or wish to decline marketing messages, please send an e-mail to info@castellum.se or call us at +46(0)31-60 74 00.
You always have the right to request information about personal data being stored, and to correct any information that is outdated or incorrect.

Who we are

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Last updated on 28-09-2016