Welcome to Castellum’s world. We are one of Sweden’s largest property companies for commercial properties. Every day more than 250,000 people go to work in our properties, and make a difference. In our properties, deals are made, goods and flows are optimized and transported to end consumers, and people feel at home in workplaces where they can grow and develop. At Castellum, we operate through a decentralized organization with a strong local presence in some 20 cities around Sweden, as well as in Copenhagen and Helsinki. This means that we are genuinely close to our customers, at the same time as we have the collective resources of the Group behind us.

Castellum’s customers reflect Swedish, Danish and Finnish business life

Castellum’s large contract portfolio, comprising approx. 6,200 commercial contracts, reflects Swedish, Danish and Finnish trade and industry, as well as the economy, generally. The single largest contract accounts for approx. 2% of Castellum’s total rental income. Castellum has balanced risk distribution in the commercial contracts regarding geography, type of premises, size, length of contracts and customer industry.

Being close to the customer

Castellum’s organization, with local presence through 20 business areas, provides close relationships to customers and short decision making processes. Castellum employees work close to the market, which means natural access to fresh information about customers’ current and future operations. Customers can thereby be offered premises suited to their needs and benefit from optimal personal service and quick answers.

Castellum employees have a continuous dialogue with customers through personal meetings as well as customer magazines and the website.

As one of the largest real estate owners on local markets, Castellum collaborates with municipalities and local networks, e.g. corporate associations, to be an active urban developer that creates attractive work environments for customers.

Satisfied customers

Positive and long-term customer relations are of crucial importance for growth, and customer surveys are conducted regularly. To evaluate and follow up on our efforts, an external customer survey, the Satisfied Customer Index, is carried out annually. The survey indicates general customer opinion about Castellum as well as how well Castellum performs in the areas of service, business relationships, indoor premises, property condition, environmental questions and information. A significant portion of the customers surveyed, 9 out of 10, reply that they are willing to lease from Castellum again and gladly recommend Castellum as a landlord to others.

Lindbäcks bygg

For the Lindbäcks Bygg AB construction company, it was the location, but above all the possibility to design a creative and unique environment that settled the choice of premises when it was time to expand to a larger work space. Today, the company thrives on the top floor of Castellum’s Torsplan 2 property, with stunning views over Stockholm’s rooftops.

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