A creative environment above Stockholm rooftops

For the Lindbäcks Bygg AB construction company, it was the location, but above all the possibility to design a creative and unique environment that settled the choice of premises when it was time to expand to a larger work space. Today, the company thrives on the top floor of Castellum’s Torsplan 2 property, with stunning views over Stockholm’s rooftops.

“Here we immediately felt we could create an inspirational workplace that suited our project-based work methods. Add to that, quick access to both the road network and public transport,” says Roger Roos, Contract and Office ­Manager
at ­Lindbäcks.

Lindbäcks is a fourth-generation family-owned company from Piteå in Norrbotten. The heart of the business is to build houses, using wood from the forests of their native Norrland. The business concept includes everything from project development to production and construction. The factory and ­production are located in Piteå, and in Stockholm, Lindbäcks focuses on project development.

They have created a spectacular work environment spread out over 500 sq.m. As a visitor you are easily impressed by the light surfaces, the warm interior decoration, and the magnificent view over Stockholm. It’s easy to ­understand why Lindbäcks’ new office was nominated ­Sweden’s most beautiful office in 2017.

“It was important for us to preserve the feeling of  Norrland forests and our wood connection when we designed our new office. That’s why we worked a lot with down-
to-earth colours and highlighted wood in the interior ­decoration,” says Roger Roos.

Lindbäcks decided from early on to create an activity based office where each person chooses a workplace for the day. They receive many visitors and wanted to make it easier to ­offer them a temporary work space.

“Our activity-based office has given us the versatility we lacked in our previous premises, and now we use our space much more efficiently. Work processes have become smoother for all, and it’s an enormous advantage to be able to choose a workplace based on what needs to be done, just for the day. Here in Castellum’s building we have an inspiring work environ­ment that promotes creativity. I believe this helps us create even better projects for our customers,” says Roger Roos.