Castellum helped DIGG find a home

When DIGG – a totally new government authority for governance of digital administration – was out scouting premises for Sundsvall operations, it received substantial help from Castellum. The company offered centrally located offices, while becoming an active hands-on partner during the start-up period.

It was important for DIGG (the Swedish Digital Administration Agency) to find a landlord who could participate in the entire process of creating an attractive new workplace – one that would become a solid foundation for the new agency’s operations and culture.

“Castellum has offered fantastic support in every aspect of what it takes to create a totally new workplace. We’ve worked in very close cooperation around how the premises will be shaped to suit our requirements and support the operation. It has meant a lot for us that Castellum had such solid contacts with several local working partners, from architects to tradesmen, and the actual construction activities proceeded very smoothly. We were also running on a rather tight schedule, as we only had a few months between signing the contract and moving in”, says Bengt Kjellson, who led activities at the DIGG Organization Committee until construction was under way.

“We’re so proud of our new workplace; you can see that people who come to visit are really impressed!”

Charlotte Vikström, who works as an office-format expert at Castellum, helped DIGG with the actual shape and layout of the offices, as well as training DIGG coworkers in activity-based work processes to take advantage of how the new office format could best work for them.

“Analyzing needs and work practices was rather distinct in this case, as the operation didn’t really exist when it was time to create the office. We had to presume and anticipate how the operation would work, along with a clear picture of objectives. This meant that demonstrated success scenarios from other projects provided a good place to start. Those of us on the Castellum side were also very pleased with the result”, says Charlotte Vikström, “The office fairly breathes innovation, and features a varied working environment that goes hand-in-hand with modern work practices.”

DIGG began operations on September 1, 2018, and now operates in full force as an authority to promote, organize and support digitalization of the public sector; in this case, for municipalities, county councils, and state authorities.

“Our operations are built on teamwork and cooperation, so we want an office that will promote an activity-based and versatile work format. The premises should function well for meetings, whether they take place here, or in conjunction with offsite locations”, says Bengt Kjellson.

It’s important that the premises send out the right signals of what the operation stands for, and that the place feels welcoming. The first thing to meet visitors is a large and airy lounge section, a living-room with various forms of seating arrangements, including soft sofas and office groupings at various levels.

“Castellum has really contributed a lot of expertise around how to optimize the possibilities of this office and carry out versatile work processes”, continues Bengt Kjellson.

The office also contains various meeting-rooms and common areas for lunch and coffee breaks, as well as many cool interior decoration details, such as cubicle walls with geometrical openings which can function for letting in light, as well as for extra seating. Everything has been set out in well-considered colour tones, consisting of subdued pastels, matching DIGG’s graphic profile.

Office equipment also includes a table-tennis table and showers.

“You can see that people who come to visit are impressed. Those of us who work here are also really pleased with the place, and we’re proud of our office. This is important, not least from a recruitment standpoint – the ability to attract people who will want to work here with us”, says Bengt Kjellson.