Logistics running smoothly at Castellum’s newly constructed property

“Thanks to Castellum, we were given the opportunity to build a completely new property with warehouse, distribution and offices that suit our operations perfectly,” says Daniel Johnsson. Johnsson is the CEO of Exertis CapTech, which is one of the Nordic region’s largest and most rapidly growing distributors of IT, AV and entertainment — operations that place great demands on its premises.

Exertis CapTech and Castellum have been in partnership since the early 2000s.

“We leased our first premises on Datavägen in western Gothenburg,” Daniel Johnsson says.

After a couple of years, they had outgrown the premises; Castellum then expanded the location, tripling the area — but even that soon became too small. That is why in 2011, they leased additional premises from Castellum close by the first, while looking for something even bigger.

“We looked at several different alternatives, but nothing seemed to be a clear fit. Finally, we found a site in Mölndal that we were interested in. With the help of Henrik Axelsson, head of project development at Castellum Region West, we convinced the municipality to allow us to build on the site.

Construction was completed in early 2018, but CapTech kept leasing its old premises in parallel to have as smooth a transition as possible.

“First, it was a question of getting our new robot picker in place, an investment of MSEK 60. This was up and running in early March, and we could begin moving distribution over to the new property.

Since then, the move has taken place in several stages; all personnel were on site in October 2018, just in time for the high season before Black Friday and Christmas.

“We partner with just over 250 manufacturers and 4,000 retailers across the entire Nordic region. We are a focused distributor with a great deal of commitment, by which we mean that we have a high level of knowledge when it comes to what we work with and sell, and that we always strive to provide high quality deliveries quickly.

This is where CapTech’s impressive 150-meterlong robot picker comes into the picture, and operations at the warehouse are reminiscent of a giant modern version of Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve. 46 shuttles work at a fast pace to fetch goods that are then manually packed before the box moves further along the rails for packaging and address labeling.

“We process 1,500 orders an hour. Since all these goods have different shapes and appearances, this is done by hand at our three picking stations.”

The premises were designed in close collaboration and dialogue with Castellum so as to specifically meet CapTech’s needs.

“Our core business has always been building computers; this was gradually expanded with more products and business areas. That is why all premises that work well, with a high level of operational safety, are a fundamental requirement for our being able to focus on optimizing our business instead.

The storage area in the new building is 16,000 square meters with a ceiling height of twelve meters, and an integrated office section of 3,000 square meters.

“We work in an open office concept, and in addition to the three sales divisions we also have purchasing, marketing and returns divisions and a department for PC construction and configuration."

Moreover we have several conference rooms and shared spaces such as a lounge, a cafeteria and a kitchen. There is also a gym, a changing room and a rest area.

“We’re very comfortable in this space, and having suitable premises built to our wishes in order to meet our specific needs means a lot.”

CapTech is currently Sweden’s largest provider of computers tailored to customer’s wishes; it also offers a range of configuration services, monitors, components, networks, servers, software, various accessories and almost everything in gaming. Another major area is AV and Large Display — sound and image technology for conference rooms, training centers and digital displays. In addition, they have become a major player in entertainment (for example, games and toys).

But despite just having moved into its fine new premises, Exertis CapTech’s operations have grown so much over the last year that they’re already looking at the neighboring land.

“While waiting for the opportunity to expand further, we’ve leased our initial premises on Datavägen again — things have come full circle,” says Daniel, laughing.