Castellum’s ambition is to be an industry leader in digitalization by 2020, which is why it established the industry’s first innovation lab in 2017. The purpose is to proactively pursue technology-based business development and to adapt the service offering in accordance with changing conditions. To date, our efforts have resulted in the launch of a range of services for Castellum’s customers and end clients. Currently, work is also under way to produce Castellum’s co-working concept.

To become an industry leader in digitalization by 2020: this is the goal Castellum set in early 2017. The background is a rapidly changing operating environment; where Castellum’s size means it possesses both the space and the opportunity to pursue, to experiment and to act boldly on development issues. Castellum has therefore established Castellum Next20, Sweden’s first innovation lab in the property management industry. By constantly challenging ourselves, Castellum can fully leverage the innovation opportunities presented to property management companies, thereby creating the preconditions for improved efficiency and profitability. These efforts also create the preconditions for developing our customer offering.

In the innovation lab, we collaborate with external business developers as well as consult with start-ups who can contribute both resources and new expertise. The goal of Castellum Next20 is to develop Castellum through people-centric digital innovation. Our focus is on developing innovative solutions that support developing the customer offering and Castellum’s own operations in the project development process, everyday management and operations. Castellum will thereby get in on the ground floor, identify new ideas early on and create feasible solutions that are disseminated throughout the company.