Report 2021: Working life of the future

The pandemic has radically changed how and where Swedes want to work in the future. The office landscape is out-dated and coworking has never been more attractive than now. At the same time, the need for job security and flexibility has grown. This shows a new report from Castellum which was launched May 11, 2021.

In the wake of a pandemic

While the vaccine is being rolled out around the world, many companies are facing challenges in adapting their workplaces to the new normal. But what do employees really expect, and how has the image of an attractive workplace changed during the pandemic? Castellum has asked 2,000 Swedes and present the results in the report Working life of the future, which is available online free of change.

5 quick insights from the report

  • We rate full-time employment considerably higher than before
  • We have become more loyal, and wish to stay longer at the same job
  • We want the freedom to choose from where to work post-corona
  • Low interest in open office landscapes, but strong upsurge in coworking
  • No way we will commute 6 hours a week.

Download the report "Working life of the future 2021" (PDF document, 1,6 MB)