Meet our apprentices

If you’re young and don’t have any contacts, it can be hard to get a chance at a job. This is something we’d like to change. Our apprenticeship program is part of an initiative for youth that’s taking place throughout the Castellum Group, with the goal of giving young people the opportunity to experience working life.

Albin Eklund appreciates his apprentice placement as a real-estate caretaker at Castellum in Uppsala.

“I’m really happy with this, it’s a fun job with varied assignments, and I’m learning new things all the time; there’s always some great opportunity for development.”

Albin Eklund will turn 20 this year, and he started as an apprentice with Castellum in August of 2017.

“I graduated in Business-administration from the Fyrisskolan senior secondary school last spring, and since I’d previously worked with Castellum, I really wanted to start the apprenticeship program. I see this as a really great way to break into the job market”, he says.
As an apprentice, you work side-by-side with your supervisor and follow along on assignments to get hands-on experience with whatever work needs to be done.

“First of all, you have to get to know all our properties and get up to speed on the correct routines and everyday running functions for particular buildings. But we also work long-term, with – for instance – energy-efficiency savings and planning future maintenance schedules”, relates Thomas Tedenlind, property manager at Castellum and Albin’s supervisor.

He thinks that Albin has learned quickly, and that’s why he’s been able to take on more and more responsibilities of his own.

“Albin is very much of a self-starter, and that’s a great attribute. He can manage quite bit on his own now, and even runs a service car so he can drive around to various assignment locations without me”, says Thomas.

In addition to daily routines, there are breakdown reports that require responses. Urgent situations can also pop up, and these need to be attended to immediately.

“The most fun with this job is that you never know what will happen next – then there’s also that amazing variation in the jobs we have to handle.
People trust me to manage things OK, and I get to take on a lot of responsibility, which feels very positive”, says Albin.

Today’s properties feature a lot of high technology, with varied digital systems. Much has to do with interior climate issues such as air, ventilation fans, temperature and heating, et cetera.

“These are advanced systems, and there’s a lot to monitor and keep tabs on, but you learn it all, bit by bit”, according to Albin.
He also appreciates that he’s doing service-minded work, containing a large social element.

“I meet a tremendous number of different people during the day, whether it’s various customers, tenants or specialty-service suppliers. I also have fantastic colleagues and we’re pretty happy to be working together; we have a lot of fun on the job.”

The apprentice period lasts one year and will end after this summer for Albin. But he feels the future looks bright.

“It’s a fantastic experience to be an apprentice. I hope to continue working as a real-estate caretaker here at Castellum or perhaps at another real-estate company. Last year’s apprentice got a permanent position as a caretaker and the demand for property-management people is increasing because the real-estate sector is growing.
Albin can also envision good possibilities for further development at Castellum.

“Castellum is a good employer who promotes the personal development of coworkers. As things look now, I’m happy with a job on the practical side of property management; but for the future, I could definitely imagine working with other assignments.”