Meet our apprentices

If you’re young and don’t have any contacts, it can be hard to get a chance at a job. This is something we’d like to change. Our apprenticeship program is part of an initiative for youth that’s taking place throughout the Castellum Group, with the goal of giving young people the opportunity to experience working life.

Georgios Kirkos

“You feel at home here”

“I’m a trained plumber, so that’s what I really wanted to work as. When Castellum in Stockholm came to the employment agency offices and presented themselves, I was sitting way at the back and wasn’t particularly interested. But when I got to talk to Anders Hägglund afterwards – the property manager in Stockholm – I thought it sounded fun, and I got the feeling that he thought I would fit in. I’ve learned a lot, like how to take charge and not be afraid to make calls and arrange stuff myself. Everyone who works at Castellum in Stockholm is open and welcoming, and we get to participate in everything just like any of the employees. You feel at home at Castellum in Stockholm. After my apprenticeship period ended, I got a job right away as a maintenance technician at another real estate company.”

Karzan Wali

“Knowing how to deal with people is really important”

“I’m a practical kind of person and like working with my hands. I studied electric installation at secondary school, and of course I thought I’d become an electrician. But when I heard about this, I thought it sounded interesting. I've developed myself a lot. I’ve had some use of my training, but I’ve learned tons more, too. A really important part, of course, is being able to deal with people and trying to make them happy. After my apprenticeship was over I got jobs right away, and now I work as an electrician.”

Philip Rosholm

“I got additional training and today I’m a property technician”

“I spent almost one year at Castellum in Stockholm. In the past I’d worked with everything from computer programming to being a hotel caretaker, and I’ve got school credits in a wine and food program. I’ve always liked working in the service professions, so when I found out that Castellum in Stockholm had an apprenticeship program I made sure to get an interview so I could introduce myself. I got the job, and because I was their first FA apprentice the tutoring was a bit so-so in the beginning. But after a while I got my own service van and at the same time I discovered that I could actually do something useful. And it’s been a lot of fun ever since! Castellum in Stockholm is a great company, and since then I’ve studied more subjects related to the real estate industry and am now working as a property technician.”