Project development

Castellum will continually invest in existing portfolios and develop new portfolios, resulting in a quality shift to a more sustainable and stable portfolio, as well as increased earning power. In addition, Castellum will be an active player that promotes urban development and growth.

During the period January-December 2019 investments totalling MSEK 6,112 (5,292) were carried out, of which MSEK 3,350 (2,455) were acquisitions and MSEK 2,762 (2,837) new developments, extensions and redevelopments. After sales of MSEK 4,138 (2 635) net investments amounted to MSEK 1,974 (2,657).

Development of Castellum’s cities

For Castellum, as a long-term real estate owner and urban developer, it is important to contribute in various ways to sustainable urban enrichment through the development of new and existing areas. Collaboration also takes place within approx. 169 city networks and corporate associa­tions to develop both the districts in which Castellum ­operates as well as actively engaging in other social activities in our cities.

We also cooperate continuously with other parties to push development, share knowledge about new technologies and exchange experiences. Castel­lum is, for example, a member of the following organizations: EPRA Sustainability Committee, GRESB Benchmark Committee, The Energy Agency’s Beställargrupp för lokaler (BELOK), CMB at Chalmers University of Technology, and Sweden Green Building Council. In addition, the company cooperates closely with local energy companies and sanitation companies, as well as universities and colleges.

Sustainable investments

By directing Castellum towards more sustainable investments, we don’t only take into account our own impact on the environment. Our approach also contributes to making the buildings more attractive for our stakeholders, reducing property management problems and costs, and facilitating closer monitoring.

All Castellum investments are made from a sustainable perspective. Each investment issue is scrutinized by the Group’s Head of Sustainability and must be approved from a sustainability perspective. These criteria are included in the planning stage, follow the entire project life-cycle and, in the next step, become a natural part of daily management. In recent years, Castellum has worked with sustainability issues in connection with new construction and larger reconstructions. In 2018, the Group’s joint sustainability program was further developed and divided into two different levels: investments < MSEK 10 and investments > MSEK 10. Castellum environmentally certifies all new constructions and larger reconstructions. If the projects are office and retail premises in Sweden, they have to be certified according to Miljöbyggnad, level Gold. A lower certification level may only be used if there are special reasons why Gold cannot be achieved. New projects in Denmark are to be certified according to BREEAM, level Excellent.

Castellum owns the highest number of environmentally certified properties of the Swedish listed real estate companies, and a total of 33% of Castellum’s 647 buildings (1,407, 000 sq.m.) are environmentally certified.

General sustainability program for new construction and reconstruction

Procurement < MSEK 10 

Generally, the following items are required: Code of Conduct, sustainability policy, environmental management system, waste plan, environmental plan, an Environmental project manager
and energy-efficient product choices – such as LED lighting and A-certified goods. All of this presumes the selection
of sustainable building materials from both environmental and health perspectives, according to the assessments of the organization created for specifically this purpose: Byggvarubedömningen.

Comprehensive sustainability program for new construction and reconstruction

Procurement > MSEK 10

  • Miljöbyggnad level Gold*
  • Choosing renewable energy sources
  • Healthy indoor climate and carefully prepared moisture work
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Nearly zero-energy buildings*
  • Always investigate the WELL health certification **
  • Create a more attractive building through artistic decoration. Engage local artists in projects**
  • Install solar cells**
  • Investigate the possibilities of outdoor offices according to Castellum’s WorkOut concept**
  • Create inviting stairwells**
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly construction sites
  • Fossil-independent vehicles at construction sites
  • Reconstruct, recompose and increase amount of eco­system services
  • Climate-risk management
  • Incentives for entrepreneurs to create job opportunities in projects

* Miljöbyggnad level Gold applies to new construction or reconstruction of office or retail premises. Lower certification levels may only be used if there are special reasons why Gold cannot be achieved.

** Only applies for construction of office premises