Sustainable business

Castellum is the Nordic region’s most sustainable property company; sustainability initiatives are fully integrated into our operations and are ingrained in the ownership, management and development of our property portfolio as well as our customer relations, employees and financing. Sustainability initiatives have always been a natural part of Castellum’s operations. As a long-term player and community builder, Castellum is proud of its efforts to promote the development of a sustainable society. Sustainability is often divided into three aspects: ecological sustainability, societal sustainability and economic sustainability.

Ecological sustainability

Castellum utilizes resources such as energy and water as wisely and efficiently as possible. It also means that new constructions as well as extensions and reconstructions are built according to high environmental standards.

Social sustainability

Castellum develop societies from a long-term perspective where people’s need and well-being are at the centre. It also means that we are actively committed in the cities where we operate, as well as cooperating with customers, municipalities and other partners. This also means that Castellum collaborates with schools and universities and offers young people apprenticeships and summer jobs. And, naturally, we look out for – and care for – Castellum employees.

Economic sustainability

Castellum’s sense of responsibility focus on securing long-term growth and at the same time to minimize the consequences of ecological and social sustainability. Our long-term sustainability strategy provides a natural foundation for financially sustainable growth.

Castellum's latest sustainability report is avaliable in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2021. (PDF document, 14,7 MB)

The Sustainable Landlord

Who is responsible for the office being sustainable, and how can we contribute to our tenants’ sustainability goals? These are a few of the questions we wanted to find answers to when we carried out the survey that forms the basis for the report Landlord and tenant – working together for sustainability.

Elland, Filip

Head of Sustainability Elland, Filip