Common targets

Castellum is one of the leading companies in Sweden when it comes to environmentally certified buildings, but we always strive to be even better.

Objectives from 2017

The planet 2016 2017 2018 2019
How to responsibly and effectively reduce resource use and the carbon dioxide emissions giving rise to global warming.
Net zero carbon dioxide emissions and 100% non-fossil energy before 2030.

69% less CO2 emissions since 2007 (scope 1&2).

96% renewable energy.

74% less CO2 emissions since 2007 (scope 1&2).

95% renewable energy

81% less CO2 emissions since 2007 (scope 1&2).

95% renewable energy

77% less CO2 emissions since 2007 (scope 1&2).

96% renewable energy

15% in energy savings per sq.m to 2025 compared with index 2015 and energy savings per sq.m of > 1.5% yearly in the like-for-like portfolio. 1,7% increased consumption compared to 2015, and 1,7% in like-for-like. 0% savings since 2015, and -6% in like-for-like. 0% savings since 2015, and -6% in like-for-like. -8% savings since 2015, and -8% in like-for-like.
1% in annual water savings in the like-for-like portfolio 2% water conservation 4% water conservation  1% water conservation 3% water conservation
100% of all vehicles are to be fossil independent by 2020 32% non-fossil fuel powered 34% non-fossil fuel powered  62% non-fossil fuel powered 86% non-fossil fuel powered
How to create a sustainable real estate portfolio in a changing world.
50% of our property portfolio will be environmentally certified by 2025. 27%  29%  33% 36%
All new constructions and larger reconstructions shall be environmentally certified. Miljöbyggnad, level Gold is applicable for new- or reconstruction of office and retail premises. A lower certification level may only be used if there are special reasons why Gold cannot be achieved. Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
100% of all properties held for at least one year are to be environmentally certified, as well as being updated at least every 10 years.
Ecosystem services will be assessed for new constructions and major projects, and the same number, or more, of ecosystem services are to be re-created on site. n/a Tool to be launched during 2018 Achieved Achieved
How to promote health, wellbeing and productivity growth
Castellum will achieve even gender distribution for leading positions in all occupational categories. By 2025, the balance of male and female employees will be represented within a range of 40–60 percent. n/a Mapping has been made among all occupational categories during the year based on equality and the result will be reported during 2018. — Group Management: 44% women, 56% men

— Regional management groups: 40% women, 60% men
— Admin/customer service: 32% women, 68% men
— Project and business development: 24% women,
76% men
— Support functions: 65% women, 35% men

— Group Management: 50% women, 50% men
— Regional management groups: 34% women, 66% men
— Admin/customer service: 28% women, 72% men
— Project and business development: 35% women, 65% men
— Support functions: 63% women, 37% men

By 2025, 20% of Castellum’s employees are to have
international backgrounds to more closely reflect the
composition of society.

n/a  7%  6% 6%
At Castellum, we strive to create a healthy, pleasant and safe working environment with short-term sick leave not exceeding 2% and long-term sick leave not exceeding 3%. n/a

1.2% short-term sick leave

2.0% long-term sick leave

 1.6% short-term sick leave

2.2% long-term sick leave

 1.0% short-term sick leave

1,9% long-term sick leave

How to conduct business responsibly toward our society and stakeholders.
Measured on an annual basis, 4% of all employees will consist of apprentices. 4%  4%  6% 4%
Entrepreneurs in major projects are to be offered incentives for creating jobs for youth workers or people who have been long-term unemployed. n/a. Achieved Achieved Achieved
All Castellum employees are to receive further training and follow Castellum’s Code of Conduct. n/a During the autumn, all employees and the Board underwent mandatory training in sustainability and Code of Conduct. Achieved Achieved

Previous sustainability objectives and outcome

Efficient use of resources 2017  2016 2015 2014
By 2017, energy consumption per square metre will be 50% lower than the sector average. 46% 43% 43% 41%
By 2017, energy use is to be decreased by 30% in relation to the energy consumption per square metre in 2007 – implying an annual energy efficiency rate of at least 3%. Decreased 27% since 2007. 26% 28% 22%
By 2017, carbon dioxide emissions are to be decreased by 70% in relation to the carbon dioxide emissions per square metre 2007, implying a decrease of 6% per year to 2017. Decreased 78% since 2007. 71% saved per sq.m. compared with 2007. 48% 33%
Before 2020, 90% of the energy will come from renewable energy. 95% 96% 95% 81%
By 2017, water use per square metre should be reduced by 5% in relation to the water use in 2013. Reduced 5% since 2013. +11% (-2% in Like-for Like portfolio) 2016 compared with 2007 1% -7%
By 2020, all vehicles will be independent of fossil fuel. 34% 32% 25%

Sustainable real estate portfolio

2017 2016 2015 2014
All new constructions and reconstructions are to be environmentally classified. If these projects concerns office and retail space, they will be environmentally classified in accordance with the Miljöbyggnad Silver criteria at the very least. However, the potential for obtaining the Gold classification should always be investigated and considered. Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved
By 2017, 30% of the portfolio is to be environmentally classified. 29%, 7% ongoing project 2017 24% + 11%
Ongoing project 2016
20% +8% ongoing project total 2015 20%
All properties owned for more than one year will be environmentally evaluated. 82% 89% 93% 85%

Sustainable collaboration with suppliers and customers

2017 2016 2015 2014
Castellum will offer all major customers, new and existing, enhanced sustainability partnerships in form of extended green leases. 20 pc 90 pc 62 pc 40 pc
Castellum will, in accordance with this policy and code of conduct, set sustainability requirements for all suppliers. Ongoing project Ongoing project

Social commitment and responsibility

2017 2016 2015 2014
Castellum will conduct a social engagement with a focus on youth and exclusion. The commitment includes local partnerships and sponsorships to promote target group. A variety of initiatives are ongoing. Read more in our Annual Report 2017  (PDF document, 78 kB) A variety of initiatives are ongoing.
Read more in our Annual report (PDF document, 26.7 MB)
Every year, Castellum will create several job opportunities for youths, with the goal of providing an introduction to working life and substantial work experience. 57 youths got chance to enter employment in 2017, of which 14 were apprentices. 77 youths 75 youths 60 youths
Castellum has to be an organization that promotes diversity and gender equality Equality and diversity plans
are in operation
Equality and diversity plans
are in operation
Equality and diversity plans
are in operation
Equality and diversity plans
are in operation
Castellum believes in commitment, cooperation and development, and will therefore encourage these qualities within the organization. Castellum will measure and exceed the benchmark on the Employee Satisfaction Index (NMI), gender equality and diversity. NMI: 81 NMI 85 NMI: 85 NMI: 85