Sustainability - Strategy


Sustainability involves creating long-term solutions from economic, ecological and social perspectives, and refining these values through our operating processes.

In addition to taking responsibility and creating value for our society, the planet and future generations, Castellum’s sustainability efforts also provide the Group with a competitive advantage. Moreover, well integrated sustainability efforts contribute to better management and improved control of our properties. This means more satisfied customers, dedicated employees and increased profitability. In other words, sustainability is about taking the right decisions today so that the stakeholders – on whom Castellum’s operations depend – will choose Castellum in the future.


Castellum’s sustainability activities form an integrated and natural part of the Group’s business operations. Over time, Castellum will be one of the leading companies within the field of sustainability and actively promote sustainable development. Castellum sees society’s laws and regulations as minimum requirements and strives for continuous improvements to reach clearly stated goals in order to promote sustainable development. Castellum will help drive development forward by taking corporate social responsibility.


Operations will contribute to sustainable development, and sustainability efforts will be integrated with all business actions and result in tangible results. Sustainability efforts will permeate all business undertakings such as ownership, management, portfolio development, customer relations, employees and financing. Operations conducted in a responsible manner are vital for the company’s short- and long-term success, as sustainability action drives profitability and long-term shareholder value.

All business operations will be characterized by high skills levels, good business ethics and benchmark assumption of responsibility.

Our position on climate change and the environmental limits of the planet

Castellum acknowledges the scientific evidence that human activity accelerates climate change. Breaching the planet’s environmental limits poses great risks for our future. To contribute to the global agenda, Castellum will therefore guide and target business operations in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Climate Change Agreement.

In order to future-proof Castellum’s portfolio, buildings are to be energy-efficient; life-cycle perspectives have to be considered when investing; responsibility will be taken for natural resources and biodiversity; the proportion of renewable energy will increase; and operations are to be adapted to mitigate climate change. Castellum will be committed to customer and government climate plans and policies. Castellum will remain at the forefront and, as far as possible, inspire our entire industry to become more climate-friendly.


As a responsible social developer, Castellum will be involved in pushing development forward toward a sustainable society. Castellum considers the precautionary principle and society’s requirements in the form of legislation and regulations as minimum requirements, and the Group strives for continuous improvements in order to promote sustainable development.
To achieve well-functioning sustainability activities, Castellum will,


  • Manage operations in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that we are able to influence.
  • Comply with Castellum’s Code of Business Conduct, which is based on the UN’s Global Compact principles. All Castellum employees and partners are to understand and comply with their respective codes of business conduct.
  • Continuously enhance sustainability skills through education in, and communication of, sustainability issues.
  • Regularly monitor, report and improve our work.

Ecological sustainability

  • Minimize scope 1.2 and 3 carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming.
  • Utilize resources responsibly and efficiently to avoid jeopardizing the limits of the planet and thereby our climate and the opportunities of future generations in a finite world.
  • Build and manage through a life-cycle focus, and promote circular models.
  • As cities and population densities grow, biodiversity and ecosystem services are being destroyed. When developing properties, Castellum will therefore contribute to increased biodiversity as well as limiting the use and spread of environmentally hazardous products.

Create conditions for responsible waste management by minimizing waste, preventing contamination and seeing waste as a resource for reuse and recycling.

Social sustainability

  • Provide safe and healthy environments for people in and around the properties we manage and promote the well-being of our employees.
  • Create an equitable organization with diversity that reflects the composition of our society.
  • Contribute to youth employability and opportunities for young people to enter the labour market.
  • Become involved in matters of importance for social development.
  • Address and change discriminatory structures within the organization.
  • Strive to remain an attractive employer and attract the best and most professional employees.

Financial sustainability

  • Maintain a long-term sustainable cash-flow growth.
  • Create business models for collaboration on sustainable investments.
  • Run low financial and operational risks, to promote sound value-growth in the Group, while offering shareholders a competitive dividend.
  • Utilize economic and human capital efficiently.

Castellum’s agenda — the sustainable city

Castellum’s sustainability initiatives are compiled in our Agenda for the Sustainable City, which contains targets up through 2030 that are defined based on four different perspectives: the planet, future-proofing, well-being and conduct. At Castellum, we are convinced that investments in sustainability create greater profitability, and therefore shareholder value.

The primary focus for Castellum’s sustainability efforts:

The Planet

How we responsibly and effectively reduce resource use and carbon emissions that cause global warming.


How we create a sustainable real estate portfolio in a changing world.


How we promote health, wellness and productivity.


How we can create better functioning communities, featuring increased employment and involvement.

Elland, Filip

Head of Sustainability Elland, Filip

The Planet

Castellum’s efforts to reduce the company’s climate impact are ambitious, and are in progress throughout operations.


For Castellum, offering customers and employees healthy and safe work environments is important.


Castellum works routinely on developing and improving working environments within the entire Group

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is based on Castellum’s values and the principles of the UN Global Compact, and clarifies Castellum’s position on human rights, working conditions, business ethics and information.