Sustainability strategy


Castellum will be one of Europe’s most sustainable property companies. Not because we should benefit from it, but because the Earth deserves it. Fortunately, sustainable business is also profitable business. That is why Castellum can go in wholeheartedly for sustainability in all its investments.

Castellum’s sustainability efforts are a natural, integrated part of its operations. Over time, Castellum will be the most sustainable property company in Europe and will actively promote sustainable development. As a responsible agent of societal progress, Castellum will be part of driving this development forward.

Castellum’s sustainability agenda, “The sustainable city,” is divided into four areas of focus: The Planet, Future-Proofing, Well-Being and Social Responsibility. These areas of focus ensure that Castellum conducts its operations responsibly and create long-term solutions from an economic, ecological and social perspective. Read more about our focus areas in Annual Report 2020.

The Planet: Tough goals yield results in the fight against global warming
In the Focus area: The Planet (the environment and the climate), the overall goal is net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 at the latest. Preventing global warming is among the highest priorities for both Castellum’s operation and the world in general. The Earth’s population continues to increase, and resources must be sufficient for more and more people. That is why this area is completely fundamental to Castellum’s sustainability efforts.

Future-Proofing: Safe and healthy workplaces for tenants and employees
In Focus area: Future-proofing, the overall objective is to create a sustainable asset portfolio in a changing world. By focusing on long-term sustainability in its property portfolio, Castellum ensures that value is retained over time and that the company is equipped for future changes and challenges.

Well-being: A workplace where employees have a high sense of well-being
In Focus area: Well-being, the objective is to promote health and wellness and to increase productivity, where equality and diversity are important conditions. In order to make it easier for Castellum’s employees to organise their daily lives, the possibility of a more flexible work-life was introduced during the year with the vision “Work where you want, when you want”. The hope is to promote employee health and wellness, and at the same time to enable increased productivity.

Social Responsibility: Worthy of trust
Under Focus area: Social Responsibility, the primary goal is to conduct our operations in a responsible manner in relation to the community as well as to stakeholders. Castellum’s Code of Conduct describes how employees in our operations are to treat tenants, suppliers, partners and other players in daily operations. The Code of Conduct clarifies Castellum’s position on human rights, working conditions, business ethics and information.

Elland, Filip

Head of Sustainability Elland, Filip

Annual Report 2020

Learn more about our sustainability strategy in Annual Report 2020.