Sustainability strategy


Castellum’s efforts have always been sustainable. We have reduced our environmental impact, worked on energy efficiency and certified our properties for sustainability. We are urban developers with a long-term perspective. Sustainability is integrated into everything we do. And in all of our investments.

The most sustainable property company in Europe

Castellum’s vision for its sustainability initiatives is to be, over time, the most sustainable property company in Europe and actively promote sustainable development. We regard society’s requirements under laws and regulations as minimum requirements, and strive for continual improvements. Castellum is a responsible community developer, and we drive development forward.

Sustainability goals and strategy

By 2030, Castellum will have net-zero carbon emissions. In 2017, the Board of Directors adopted a concrete sustainability strategy – The sustainable city 2030 – with 22 measurable targets and actions to achieve the long-term goal, which is revised and updated annually. We monitor and report on the targets quarterly. The climate-related goals that Castellum has adopted have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

“The sustainable city 2030” consists of four areas of focus: The Planet, Future-proofing, Well-Being and Social Responsibility. Based these areas of focus, Castellum conducts its operations responsibly and creates long-term solutions from an economic, ecological and social perspective.

Sustainability initiatives are integrated into everything we do

Castellum should promote sustainable development, and its sustainability goals should be integrated into its operations, yielding tangible results. This work permeates the entire business from ownership, property management and asset portfolio development to relationships with customers, employees and financiers. Corporate social responsibility is crucial to the company’s
success and drives profitability and the development of long-term shareholder value. Castellum’s actions are always marked by a high level of expertise, good business ethics and accountability.

Other key starting points for our sustainability initiatives are the ten principles of the UN Global Compact – which we support and have signed on to – as well as the Paris Agreement, and we actively promote the efforts to realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals.