Code of Conduct

Our objective is clear — Castellum will be the most sustainable real estate company and a major player in building a sustainable society.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct, which applies to all Castellum employees, regulates how employees should behave toward each other as well as toward Castellum’s tenants, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders they meet in daily operations. It is based on Castellum’s values and the principles of the UN Global Compact, and clarifies Castellum’s position on human rights, working conditions, business ethics and information.

Castellum is to provide quality service, comply with laws and regulations, never discriminate against anyone, and create a healthy working environment with a high safety level. Castellum also maintains focus on the gender equality issues compiled in the company’s diversity plan.

Castellum’s operations are subject to each country’s laws and regulations concerning, for example, working conditions, occupational safety and freedom of association. Castellum’s HR
manual addresses issues such as working environment, equal opportunities, salaries, pensions and company cars. Every new employee reviews the HR manual with their immediate supervisor, and the information is also available on the Group’s Intranet.

Preventative efforts regarding corruption issues, in various everyday situations is discussed, are conducted throughout the Group. A pivotal element is that all employees understand and follow the Code of Conduct.

Community involvement

For Castellum, community involvement is about offering healthy and productive urban environments where people do well. It is also about contributing to urban development that encourages the integration of different societal groups.

Another important aspect for Castellum in this area is to contribute to more young people and people with varied cultural backgrounds entering the labor market. Castellum holds stakeholder dialogues and participates in joint projects with other property owners and players to create better living environments together.

In 2018, a total of 85 young people worked at Castellum as vacation workers, interns, apprentices, with academic degree projects, or as trainees. Twenty-three of these young people were apprentices, which is equivalent to approximately 6% of Castellum’s employees. Castellum has also set a goal of creating workplaces for young people in all major projects. During the year, Castellum also offered internships to people with non-Swedish background cultures who had recently come to Sweden.

One example of how Castellum works is Project Samspelet (Teamwork), inaugurated in 2017 together with Peab, for the new construction of Citypassagen in Orebro. Through Samspelet, we created a platform for interaction, inclusion and integration. The project will run during the Citypassagen construction project and includes sports activities as well as joint meetings and gatherings. The aim was also to create an interest in the construction and property industries, where the need for labor in the next few years will be great. In addition to this commitment, Castellum collaborates with organizations such as the Jobbsprånget internship program, which is an initiative that matches companies with academics who have just arrived in Sweden.

Elland, Filip

Head of Sustainability Elland, Filip