Our objective is clear — Castellum will be the most sustainable real estate company and a major player in building a sustainable society.


For Castellum, offering customers and employees healthy and safe work environments is important. To achieve this, Castellum works with such processes as environmental inventories and accepted property environmental certification systems.

The objective is for all properties to be environmentally inventoried. Castellum environmentally certifies all new constructions and major reconstructions. If these are office and retail projects, they must be certified under Miljöbyggnad, level Gold. A lower certification level may only be used if there are particular reasons why Gold cannot be achieved. New office and retail in Denmark and Finland are to be certified according to BREEAM, level Excellent. Castellum also has its own sustainability program that applies to all investments.

Castellum’s supply chain

Castellum strives to use resources as wisely and efficiently as possible in new construction, expansions and reconstructions. Castellum has a Code of Conduct for Suppliers that applies to all procurements, which means that projects are carried out with strict sustainability requirements.

Castellum imposes clear sustainability requirements in new construction and expansions by applying common sustainability programs for procurements. There are general sustainability requirements for developments under MSEK 10, and a comprehensive sustainability program is applied to developments
over MSEK 10.

Creditors are the Group’s largest suppliers, followed by construction
contracts (i.e. construction companies), energy suppliers for heat and electricity, then engineering, planning, and IT services. For major purchases and procurements, Castellum’s ambition is to monitor suppliers and contractors in accordance with Group-wide requirements. Monitoring takes place in various ways, in part through auditing Castellum’s environmental management system, inspections, questionnaires and site visits. In 2018, Castellum purchased services or products from a total of 6,998 suppliers, of which the 69 largest suppliers with a purchase volume over MSEK 10 accounted for 63% of the purchase volume. Furthermore,
no significant changes occurred in Castellum’s chain of suppliers during the year.

Elland, Filip

Head of Sustainability Elland, Filip

The Planet

Castellum's efforts to reduce the company's climat impact are ambitious, and are in progress throughout operations


Castellum works routinely on developing and improving working environments within the entire Group

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is based on Castellum's values and the principles of the UN Global Compact, and clarifies Castellum's position on human rights, working conditions, business ethics and information