Our objective is clear — Castellum will be the most sustainable real estate company and a major player in building a sustainable society.

Well Being

Castellum works routinely on developing and improving working environments within the entire Group. Castellum also has a Code of Conduct for suppliers where demands are placed on suppliers to meet the same requirements as Castellum regarding working environments.

Castellum protects and supports both employees and suppliers, and it is our responsibility that no one becomes ill, either physically or mentally, or is injured owing to their work.

During the year, 18 work-related accidents were reported, 8 of which involved Castellum employees. Total sick leave remained low, at 3.8% (2.0).

To reach the Group’s tough sustainability goals of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and a non-fossil fuel powered vehicle fleet by 2020, Castellum’s employees must prioritize sustainable travel and meetings. Castellum’s guidelines include the following requirements:
• Travel over 450 km should primarily be booked by train
• Environmental requirements are imposed on all travel
(e.g. green taxis should be booked)
• Annual climate compensation for all of the Group’s travel

Elland, Filip

Head of Sustainability Elland, Filip

The Planet

Castellum's efforts to reduce the company's climat impact are ambitious, and are in progress throughout operations