The Sustainable Landlord

Sustainability is widely discussed, and is high on everyone’s agenda. This is especially true of Castellum’s tenants and we are seeing a rapid rise in interest and commitments to sustainability. Together with six other European property companies we therefore initiated a unique survey of tenants’ views on the sustainability of their premises. Download the report “Landlord and tenant – working together for sustainability” to find out the results of the survey.

Are the carbon footprints of premises a factor we consider in our sustainability strategies? As property owners and administrators, how can we contribute to the sustainability goals of our tenants, for example in use of resources, energy efficiency, climate impact and smart waste management? And how can landlords and tenants collaborate on sustainability? These are a few of the questions we wanted to find answers to when we carried out the survey that forms the basis for the report Landlord and tenant – working together for sustainability.

Download the report

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The survey in summary

1. Opportunity to take a strategic grip
Our survey is one of many clear signs that sustainability is high on the agenda. However, it is also evident that active sustainability efforts do not automatically lead to the same level of engagement when it comes to commercial premises.

2. Stricter requirements around the corner
One things is clear: those property owners and administrations who are still not prepared will have to ramp up their offerings, as sustainability requirements are on the way.

3. Desire for guidance and collaboration
As many as 75 percent see benefits in landlords and tenants collaborating more closely on sustainability. There is a demand for regular dialogue and the exchange of ideas on possible projects.