Welcome to Castellum’s world. Like our business environment, our world is constantly changing. It challenges us, spurring us on in a time when very little is standing still. Rapid technological development provides new opportunities and places new demands, just like the younger generation now dominating the labour market. With its hand firmly on the wheel, Castellum is navigating with its long-term strategy in order to deliver on its overall growth target: achieving 10% annual growth in income from property management, in SEK per share.

The strategy is described in the strategic plan, which is the central policy for the company’s strategic orientation, priorities and goals. Castellum’s strategy for the next few years (2021–2023) focuses on further strengthening relations with priority customer segments, developing our service offering, and improving our property and development portfolios. The strategy is built on three perspectives: Castellum’s tenants, our offering to them and the company’s own performance.

Castellum’s desire for continual improvement has led us to the position as an industry leader, according to external sustainability evaluations such as GRESB, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and CDP. Castellum will be the most sustainable property company in Europe and a major player in building a sustainable society. Sustainability should be integrated into business operations and yield tangible results.

The tenants Castellum has chosen to address are in the office, government agency and civil service sectors, as well as logistics. At present, Castellum manages 642 properties and looks after 250,000 people every day. Based on our tenants’ and their employees’ needs, we will continue to develop attractive, flexible and easily accessible offerings in four areas: Services, Offices, Public sector properties and Logistics. Read more about our strategy in Annual Report 2020.


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We create successful and sustainable workplaces in Nordic growth regions by really keeping close to customers, while staying on the cutting edge of innovation and expertise.