Castellum invests for SEKm 240 and sells for SEKm 200 with a capital gain of SEKm 35

Gothenburg, June 18, 2001
The Real Estate Company Castellum has acquired eight properties in Greater Stockholm, Örebro and western Småland at a total of about SEK 210 million and has decided on a new construction of SEK 28 million in Borås. Fifteen properties in Gothenburg, Landskrona, Växjö and Västerås were disposed of at a total of about SEK 200 million with a capital gain of SEK 35 million.

Through the subsidiary Fastighets AB Brostaden, Castellum has, in two transactions, acquired five properties in Greater Stockholm at a total of SEK 109 million. All the acquired properties are situated close to properties already owned by the company. One acquisition of SEK 88 million includes a combined office and ware-house property of 6,048 square metres in Mariehäll, an office property of 3,156 square metres in Akalla and a warehouse/office property of 4,265 square metres in the "Slaughterhouse district" area in Johanneshov. The other acquisition of SEK 21 million includes two office, warehouse and retail properties of in all 4 825 square metres in Kungens Kurva south of Stockholm. The properties are situated in areas with a good development potential and possibilities of improvement in leasing as well as rent levels.

Aspholmen Fastigheter AB has, at a purchase price of SEK 45 million, acquired a larger warehouse and office property close to the Aspholmen area in southern Örebro where the company is the dominating house-owner. The property, which contains a lettable area of 21,700 square metres and grounds of about 51,000 square metres, is completely vacant which will give the company possibilities of meeting the local demand for larger logistics premises. The acquisition also includes an adjacent vacant lot of about 10,000 square metres.

Fastighets AB Corallen has acquired a retail and office property of 4,314 square metres in central Växjö, which will strengthen the company's operations in the town. In connection with the trans-action, complementary leases were signed and the property is now fully let. The purchase price was SEK 43 million.

Corallen has also acquired a half-vacant industry and office property of 4,136 square metres close to the E4-highway in the Torsvik industrial area in southern Jönköping. The purchase price was SEK 12 million and the property will be a useful complement to the company's other holdings in the area. Furthermore, the property includes an unutilized building permission of about 2,500 square metres.

Harry Sjögren AB will build a new warehouse and office property of about 5,700 square metres close to the traffic junction Viaredsmotet by the highway R40 in Borås. A long-term rental agreement for the entire area has been signed with a tenant active in the logistics business. The investment is estimated at SEK 28 million including the acquisition of about 20,000 square metres of undeveloped land from the Borås municipality. The project is considered as very interesting as it means a new construction suited for the latest techniques in the logistics business.

In line with the group's strategy of reducing the residential share of the portfolio, Castellum's local subsidiaries have disposed of twelve residential properties in Landskrona, Växjö and Gothenburg. In addition, three commercial properties in Gothenburg, Svedala and Västerås have been sold.

Fastighets AB Briggen has in one transaction sold all its nine residential properties in Landskrona with in all 13 079 square metres. The total sales price was SEK 79 million, which meant a capital gain of SEK 9 million. Moreover, Corallen has in one transaction, sold its two remaining residential properties in Växjö totalling 7 565 square metres for a sales price of SEK 53 million with a capital gain of SEK 1 million. In central Gothenburg, Eklandia Fastighets AB has sold a residential property with 25 apartments and 2,525 square metres to housing co-operative. The sales price was SEK 26 million, which meant a capital gain of about SEK 12 million.

In addition, Eklandia has disposed of a fully let industrial property of 4,990 square metres situated in Mölndals-vägen in Gothenburg. The property was sold for SEK 25 million with a capital gain of SEK 5 million. Briggen has disposed of its only remaining property in the Svedala municipality outside Malmö. It was a warehouse and office property of about 3 900 square metres, that was sold for SEK 12 million with a capital gain of SEK 5 million. Furthermore, Aspholmen has disposed of an unbuilt property in Västerås for SEK 4 million with a capital gain of SEK 3 million.

Finally, Corallen has, in a small barter transaction, disposed of the company's only remaining property in the village Bor outside Värnamo and acquired a strategically situated development property in central Värnamo.

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