Castellum invests SEKm 222

Castellum AB (publ) has, through the Stockholm region in Castellum, started two new constructions in Smista area in ​​Huddinge, Stockholm, where the total investment is calculated to SEKm 222. Castellum has developed a total of about 49,000 sq.m. in the Smista area.

“This means that we will strengthen our position in Smista - an area which the last fifteen years developed into Stockholm's main cluster for car sales”, says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum's CEO, in a summary comment.

One investment, which involves a new property for the expanding Hedin Bil, refers to the a new construction of approx. 12,500 sq.m. of which 5,500 sq.m. will be premises for car dealership and 7,000 sq.m. garage. The investment is calculated to SEKm 162, of which SEKm 14 refers to own land. The new building is expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2017 and implemented in accordance with environmental certification system Miljöbyggnad, with the ambition to reach the Silver level. A 15-year lease has been signed with Hedin Bil with an annual rental value of SEKm 13.5.
The second investment refers to a new construction of approx. 6,900 sq.m. for the tenant Veho Bil´s expansion, where 2,200 sq.m. are premises for a car dealership and the residue for a garage. The investment is calculated to SEKm 60, of which SEKm 1 refers to own land, and to be completed during the third quarter of 2017. The new construction is carried out according to the environmental certification system Miljöbyggnad with the ambition to reach the Silver level. A 10-year lease has been signed with Veho Bil with an annual rental value of SEKm 5.8.
Castellum has unutilized credit facilities of approx. SEK 8 billion, which will be used for investments.

This information is information that Castellum is obliged to make public pursuant to the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication at 9.15 am CET on September 26, 2016. 

For additional information, please contact:
Henrik Saxborn, verkställande direktör Castellum, 031-60 74 50
Ulrika Danielsson, ekonomi- och finansdirektör Castellum, 0706-47 12 61

Castellum is one of the major listed real estate companies in Sweden. The fair value of the real estate portfolio amounts to approx. SEK 72 billion, and comprises of commercial properties for office, retail, warehouse and industrial with a total lettable area of approx. 4.7 million sq.m.

Castellum own and manage properties through one common brand in five geographical regions with strong local presence. The five geographical regions are: Central, North, Stockholm, West and Öresund.

In 2016, Castellum sustainability performance was awarded two top distinctions: First Prize for sustainability reporting in Europe from EPRA and Global Sector Leader, handed out by GRESB which means that Castellum is ranked first in the world within the office- and industrial-properties sector. Further Castellum has been selected as an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), which includes the companies in all industries in the world with best performance in terms of sustainability.

The Castellum share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap.

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