Castellum leases 20,400 sq.m. to Jollyroom in Gothenburg

Last spring, the Jollyroom e-commerce company signed a rental agreement with Castellum and has now taken occupancy of logistics premises comprising approx. 20,400 sq.m. in the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park. Castellum recently completed Stage One – approx. 30,000 sq.m. of the logistics park, which is strategically situated near the Port of Gothenburg.

Castellum has previously announced that the Bagaren och Kocken e-commerce company has already taken on a leasing agreement for 10,000 sq.m. of the company’s Port of Gothenburg logistics facility. Leasing to Jollyroom thereby assures that Castellum’s entire first stage of approx. 30,000 sq.m. is fully leased and occupied.

Jollyroom already rents two logistics facilities from Castellum, totaling close to 23,000 sq.m. Establishing themselves in the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park now means the company will benefit from a significant increase in total logistics capacity.

“This leasing of additional facilities to Jollyroom constitutes one of the major logistics rentals to be carried out in Sweden this year, and fully demonstrates the increasing amount of storage-space required by an expanding e-commerce industry. We’re happy we can help Jollyroom grow within our property portfolio, thereby establishing a deeper working cooperation”, says Mariette Hilmersson, Managing Director for Region West at Castellum.
“Castellum has been a solid partner on the property side and a contributing factor to the company's ability to grow profitable in a tough competition situation," says Jollyroom’s founder and majority owner, Ole Sauar. 
“In order to meet market demand, we’ve begun preparations for starting up several new logistics projects, including Stage Two – another facility, comprising approx. 35,000 sq.m. – at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park. We have also the possibility of building 5,000 sq.m. on Östra Sörredsvägen and soon, another 6,600 sq.m. in Arendal”, concludes Mariette Hilmersson.

For additional information, please contact:
Mariette Hilmersson, Managing Director of Region West Castellum, phone +46 739 42 09 02
Ulrika Danielsson, CFO, Castellum AB, phone +46 706 47 12 61

Castellum is one of the largest listed real estate companies in Sweden. Property values amount to SEK 84 billion and holdings comprise office, warehousing/logistics and public sector properties, covering a total leasable area of 4.4 million square metres.
      The real estate portfolio is owned and managed under the Castellum brand through a decentralized organization with strong and clear local presence in 20 cities in Sweden and also in Copenhagen and Helsinki.
   In 2018, Castellum received two awards for sustainability efforts; designated Number One in the world by GRESB for the offices-and-logistics sector, as well as the Level Gold award for sustainability reporting from the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association). In addition, Castellum is the only Nordic real-estate and construction company elected to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), joining a select group of companies in the world who perform best on sustainability issues.

     The Castellum share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap.

Castellum AB (publ), Box 2269, SE-403 14 Gothenburg | Corp Id no SE 556475-5550 | Phone +46 31 60 74 00