Castellum joins Exponential Roadmap Initiative to halve emissions by 2030

Castellum has been selected as a partner in the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and thus supports the 1.5 ° C Business Playbook, a tool that guides companies and organizations to set a strategy in line with the Paris agreement and move to action. "We are proud to have been selected for this important mission, and looking forward to collaborating with other companies to help enabling rapid sustainable development," says Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum.

Castellum has a long-standing role as a leader in sustainability among Sweden's real estate companies. As one of the first real estate companies in the world, Castellum recently adopted concrete roadmaps with clear milestones and measures to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, approved by Science Based Target (SBT) as scientifically correct to slow down global warming.

The 1.5 ° C Business Playbook was launched at the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos. It serves as a guideline to facilitate the first step toward halving emissions by 2030. Focusing on simplicity and speed, it is anchored in the latest science.

"Put simply, it is a matter of by collaboration between companies quickly bending the slow curve into a steep hockey stick graph of positive development," explains Filip Elland, head of sustainability at Castellum. The Playbook provides guidance on how to develop relevant and scientifically based goals linked to the climate, and this is best done together with other enthusiastic players in various industries. It is the synergy effects that provide the necessary strength."

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative brings together technology innovators, scientists, companies and NGOs, with the mission to accelerate climate action exponentially through radical collaboration.

In 2019 the initiative released the Exponential Roadmap, which highlights 36 scaleable solutions to halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. For instance, the report shows that the form of energy with the highest potential to halve emissions by 2030 is solar energy, a cornerstone in Castellum's operations with a forecast for strong growth.

"The Playbook is adapted to the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 ° C. The only remaining way is massive emissions reductions across all industries in the coming decade. We show that this can be achieved", says Johan Rockström, founder of the Stockholm Resilience Center and head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

For further information, contact: Filip Elland, Head of Sustainability, Castellum, +46 31-60 74 26

About Castellum:

Castellum is one of Sweden's largest listed real estate companies with a property value of SEK 97 billion. We are active in 17 Swedish growth regions as well as in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Every day, 250,000 people go to work in our premises. We develop flexible workplaces and logistics solutions in close proximity to city centres and with a lettable area of 4.3 million square meters. One of our sustainability goals is to be completely climate neutral by 2030. Castellum is the only Nordic real estate company selected by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). The Castellum share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap.

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