• Castellum joins Exponential Roadmap Initiative to halve emissions by 2030

    Castellum has been selected as a partner in the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and thus supports the 1.5 ° C Business Playbook, a tool that guides companies and organizations to set a strategy in line with the Paris agreement and move to action. "We are proud to have been selected for this important mission, and looking forward to collaborating with other companies to help enabling rapid sustainable development," says Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum.

  • Castellum joins EU backed project to reduce climate risks in real estate

    Due to the company's leading position within sustainability, Castellum has been invited to take part in the EU financed project Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM). CRREM offers the real estate industry a comprehensive framework focused on carbon risk exposure and potential strategies on how to reduce this risk. 

  • Castellum wins race for first WELL certified offices in the Nordic region

    Castellum has officially received a WELL certificate for its Eminent office building in Malmö, thus being first to cross the finish line in a race that has involved several property developers in the Nordic region. "It's always a special feeling to be a pioneer. I see the certification as an acknowledgement of our sustainability efforts where the WELL concept totally aligns with how we view the workplace of the future", says Filip Elland, Head of Sustainability at Castellum.

  • Regulatory

    Castellum's half-year report January-June 2020:

    Strong first half of the year with 9% growth in income from property management

  • Castellum's Interim report January-June 2020 to be published on July 15, 2020 - invitation to teleconference

    On Wednesday July 15, 2020, 08:00 am (CET), Castellum will publish the Interim Report January-June 2020. Investors, analysts and journalists are hereby invited to participate in a teleconference at 09:00 am (CET) on the same date.

  • Swedish National Courts Administration chooses Castellum again for a new courthouse building

    For the second time in a short period, Castellum has won the confidence of the Swedish National Courts Administration to create modern and effective premises - this time situated in Jönköping. The Swedish government gave approval for the Swedish National Courts to sign a leasing agreement with Castellum, at an estimated investment cost of about MSEK 325.

  • Castellum defines roadmaps with clear waypoints toward climate neutrality in 2030

    As one of the first real estate companies in the world to do so, Castellum is adopting concrete roadmaps with clear waypoints and specific measures for achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2030. "We're now shifting our sustainability efforts into overdrive. By spotlighting the climate impact of actual construction activities, we can revolutionize an area that our entire industry has neglected for years. This will make our position on sustainability even stronger," says Henrik Saxborn, CEO at Castellum AB.

  • Castellum builds world's first climate-neutral police building

    Castellum will construct an office building in central Örebro for the Swedish Police Authority. The building will be constructed entirely of wood and certified in compliance with the new Sweden Green Building Councils (SGBC) certification: NollCO2. A primary objective is for the building to have net-zero CO2 emissions throughout its lifetime. The project is calculated to cost approx. MSEK 225 - including acquired building rights of MSEK 15 - and the investment will result in an annual leasing income of MSEK 15.

  • Castellum acquires office building in central Malmö

    Castellum has acquired an office building in central Malmö from the Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) real estate company. Occupancy will occur during Q2, 2020.

  • Castellum begins construction on Malmö's new Swedish National Courts building - invests 1.3 billion kronor

    Castellum is starting construction of Malmö's new Swedish National Courts Administration building in the expanding Nyhamnen district of central Malmö. The area will become one of northern Europe's largest workplaces for legal practitioners. Building permit has now been issued and construction start is planned for second quarter, 2020.