New incentive scheme for Castellum management

 Gothenburg, June 10, 1999
 Castellum AB is to introduce a new incentive scheme for its management and for other senior executives including the managing directors in the subsidiaries, in all eleven persons.

The incentive, which is for three years, consists of two parts. One part is based on the market price development of the Castellum share over the three year period, both in absolute figures and in proportion to the sector index, and is limited to one and a half annual salary. The other part, which is settled annually, is based on the earnings trend of the company and is limited to half an annual salary.

Any bonus payable will be paid as salary and half of the net pay shall be used for purchase of Castellum shares.

For further information contact
Jan Kvarnström, Chairman of the Board of Castellum AB, phone: +46 31 60 74 00