Castellum invests SEK 300 million in acquisitions and new constructions

Gothenburg, September 5, 2000

The real estate company Castellum has acquired eight properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Jönköping at a total of SEK 239 million. Furthermore, the company will build new office and warehouse premises in Malmö for SEK 67 million. Three minor, residential properties in Lund were disposed of with a capital gain of SEK 12 million.

Through the subsidiary Fastighets AB Brostaden, Castellum has, at SEK 51 million, acquired an office property in "Kista Science Park" in Akalla north of Stockholm. The property includes three buildings of in all 5,200 square metres and half of an adjoining multi-story car park. Approximately 18 % of the area are vacant at the time of taking over. The acquired property is situated close to four properties already owned by the company, where an extension of about 11,000 square metres will soon be started.

In central Gothenburg, Eklandia Fastighets AB has acquired two adjoining office properties, with a total area of fully 7,000 square metres. The purchase price was SEK 85 million. The properties are situated in the district Inom Vallgraven where the company already owns 11 properties. In addition, the company has enlarged its portfolio in Aröd industrial area in Gothenburg by the acquisition of a property of 2,541 square metres at a purchase price of SEK 16 million.

In Bulltofta industrial area, close to the inner beltway in Malmö, Fastighets AB Briggen has acquired a warehouse property of approximately 15,000 square metres, of which about 60 % are vacant. The purchase prise was SEK 36 million. The property will be developed by stages and the first stage will be an extension of new office premises for SEK 12 million. In connection with the acquisition new long-term leases for about 5,000 square metres of warehouse and office areas have been signed. In the same area, Briggen will carry through an extension of a warehouse property with an existing area of about 4,000 square metres. The new construction comprises about 5,500 square metres, of which about 3,500 square metres office and 2,000 square metres warehouse premises and the new building will be ready for occupation in spring 2001. The total investment is calculated at SEK 55 million. Moreover, Briggen has, in one transaction, acquired two properties in Helsingborg at a total of SEK 15 million. Both a retail property of 5,350 square metres in Berga industrial area, and an unutilized building permission of about 5,000 square metres in Väla industrial area.

Next to the Elmia fair and congress establishment in Jönköping, Fastighets AB Corallen has acquired an office, warehouse and industrial property of 10,385 square metres for SEK 36 million. The industrial premises of about 3,200 square metres are vacant, which makes a continued development of the property possible.

Moreover, three minor residential properties in Lund, of in all 2,920 square metres, have been sold to local housing co-operatives. The total purchase price was SEK 28 million, which implies a capital gain of SEK 12 million.

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