Castellum's leasing and level of investments continues high

  • Rental income for the period January - March 2007 amounted to
   * Net income after tax for the period amounted to SEKm 190 (239),
     equivalent to SEK 1.16 (1.46) per share.
   * Income from property management improved by 6% to SEKm 206 (194),
     equivalent to SEK 1.26 (1.18) per share.
   * Net leasing has continued its strong trend and amounted to SEKm
     41 (16) during the period.
   * The level of investments has remained high during the period and
     was SEKm 894 (362).

Income from property management for the period, i.e. net income
excluding changes in value and tax, amounted to SEKm 206 (194),
equivalent to SEK 1.26 (1.18) per share. The improvement is 6% and is
chiefly an effect of investments made. During the period changes in
value on properties and derivatives amounted to, respectively SEKm 33
(52) and SEKm 22 (85).

During the period investments totalling SEKm 894 (362) were made, of
which SEKm 667 (169) were acquisitions and SEKm 227 (193) new
construction, extensions and refurbishment.

"The first quarter is similar to the second half of the previous year
with high level of investments, good net leasing and increasing
market interest rates" comments Castellum's CEO, Håkan Hellström.
"The entries into two new markets - Linköping and Halmstad feels
exiting", adds Håkan Hellström.

According to the AGM's approval the current incentive plan for the
company management has been extended for another three year period
beginning 2008.

For further information, please contact
Håkan Hellström, CEO, phone +46 31 60 74 00 / mobile +46 705-60 74 56

Castellum is one of the major listed real estate companies in Sweden.
The fair value of the real estate portfolio amounts to approx. SEK 25
billion, and comprises commercial properties. The real estate
portfolio is owned and managed by six wholly owned subsidiaries with
strong local roots in five growth regions: Greater Gothenburg, the
Öresund Region, Greater Stockholm, Mälardalen and Eastern Götaland.
The Castellum share is registered on OMX - Nordic list Large cap.

Enclosure: Interim Report January - March 2007