Continued growth in Castellum's income from property management

  • Rental income for the period January - September 2007 amounted to
  • Net income after tax for the period amounted to SEKm 848 (836),
  • Income from property management improved by 5% to SEKm 698 (662),
  • Net leasing has continued its strong trend during the period and
  • The level of investments has remained high during the period and

Income from property management for the period, i.e. net income
excluding changes in value and tax, amounted to SEKm 698 (662),
equivalent to SEK 4.26 (4.04) per share. The improvement amounts to

During the period changes in value on properties and derivatives
amounted to, respectively SEKm 375 (356) and SEKm 104 (119). Net
income for the period was SEKm 848 (836), equivalent to SEK 5.17
(5.10) per share.

During the period investments totalling SEKm 2,093 (1,545) were made,
of which SEKm 1,367 (877) were acquisitions and SEKm 726 (668) new
construction, extensions and refurbishment. Further, 3 (9) properties
were sold for a total of SEKm 35 (179) which gave SEKm 1 (39) in
realized result.

"Both the rental market in general as well as Castellum's net leasing
continues strong and I am pleased to welcome 200 new customers since
the turn of the year" comments Castellum's CEO, Håkan Hellström.

An election committee has been appointed in accordance to the Annual
General Meeting's decision. The election committee is formed by: Lars
Öhrstedt representing AFA Försäkring, Åsa Nisell representing
Swedbank Robur, Lars-Åke Bokenberger representing AMF Pension and the
Chairman of the Board Jan Kvarnström.

Enclosure: Interim Report January - September 2007