Agnesfridsvägen 111, Malmö

One of our largest reconstruction projects

When the Swedish Migration Agency (400 employees) searched for new premises with convenient access to public transit, the choice fell on the premises at Agnesfridsvägen 111, which formerly housed Malmö SVT – the Swedish national TV broadcaster.

Reconstruction was extensive and building activities lasted an entire year, making it one of our largest projects ever. A welcoming atrium – centrally located in the building – and footbridges between the floors are two examples of creative solutions to create fresh new spaces as well as a welcoming atmosphere for our tenants.

The office premises cover more than 12,000 sq. m, and feature an airy and open layout with excellent accessibility. The property retains a freshly built standard throughout and has been Green-Building certified for meeting long-term sustainability criteria.


Leasable area
12,000 kvm