Blenda, Göteborg

Right in the heart of Gothenburg’s knowledge-intensive “brains trust”, the Lindholmen Science Park, we’ve built Blenda – a modern and sustainable office property. From Blenda, you gain access to a sparkling and dynamic environment in a building that features high standards for modern functionality. It’s been designed to provide inspiration and innovation.

The glass facade opens up to a riverside view and natural light, and the modern, space-efficient office premises have been designed with care for people and the environment. The building is perfect for enterprises and people who enjoy sea views and innovative ideas, and who also value sustainable thinking. Blenda is fully leased.

Welcome to western Sweden’s most significant cluster for technology and IT

Several of Sweden’s most prominent companies in IT, vehicle development, media and design are represented at Lindholmen, which also houses the Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University. The entire campus area is bubbling with activity, enthusiasm and innovation. Perhaps you will find your future employees here.

Public transport has been imaginatively planned for Lindholmen from the start. Fast buses – including a unique electric-bus route – and ferries depart frequently for the city centre and other connecting transit points, making commuting easy. If you prefer to cycle, lockable parking and a pumping station are conveniently provided.

The area also features shared-vehicle services, lunch restaurants, business networks, banks, hotels, and shops, as well as facilities for conferences, health care and working out.

Concrete sustainability efforts

Blenda will be certified according to the BREEAM-SE environmental certification system, which imposes strict demands on everything from biodiversity to choice of building materials and energy efficiency. BREEAM is the world’s most commonly used system for environmental assessment and certification of buildings. BREEAM-SE is an adaptation of the system for Swedish conditions, formulated by the SGBC (Sweden Green Building Council).


Leasable area
9,150 kvm
Lindholmspiren 7