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Edison Park

An energizing place.

The workplaces of the future are taking shape in the already established Edison Park in Ideon Science Park in Lund. Inspired by international campuses, the site takes its character from its open green spaces, creating a perfect seedbed for people and ideas. Two new office buildings, a combined office building and multi-storey car park, plus inviting green space help to tie existing buildings together with the new. Edison Park offers something for everyone: space for co-working, open collaboration areas, and flexible and permanent offices. Why not hold your morning meeting on the roof terrace or in the park? A variety of communal spaces create a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. With its energy-smart solutions, Edison Park is not just a living environment that you need to experience to appreciate. It also generates energy, in more ways than one.


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Mattias Wallin
Helen Greve

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A SEEDBED FOR IDEAS The new Edison Park is being built right now in the heart of Ideon Science Park. The two office buildings with their large windows and generous roof terraces are linked by a 3,000-square-metre green park that brings to mind international campuses, with their sense of vitality, dynamism, creativity and innovation. This is a place where business ideas are hatched for tomorrow’s unicorn companies – on the lawn, in the workplace between the trees or near the solar panel sculpture.

MAKING YOUR DAY BETTER: A discreet multi-storey car park hides the cars; all you see is a rolling green area with ergonomic workplaces that let you focus; meeting places for expected as well as unexpected visits and spaces for training and for celebrating. Dotted between the buildings are cafés with terraces, service outlets such as dry cleaning and bike workshops, shops and delis. Choose between the buzz of life or quiet space to focus.

ENERGIZING IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE: Edison Park is not only designed to be self-sufficient in electricity, but also to energize you. The entrances will provide meeting places for the various companies, and for the whole of Ideon Science Park and the university site, with facilities such as conference rooms, a restaurant, café, project spaces and event spaces. This is where you can focus totally on what you want to achieve, while we take care of the rest.

A HAVEN ON THE ROOF: The green roof terraces offer new ways of working. Monday meeting accompanied by birdsong? After-work get-together on the roof? Castellum’s popular WorkOUT® concept makes outdoor meetings and ergonomic work sessions part of the daily variety. Whether you want to work in peace, impress customers, have a yoga session, cook up a meal together or something completely different. You naturally have full access to power and WiFi. It is a workplace after all.

THE FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: Edison Park is designed to make each working day stimulating and healthy, for you and your employees. Some want their own office where they can close the door. Others get their energy from sitting with others. Edison Park offers something for everyone, including co-working, open spaces for collaboration, flexible and permanent offices and space to focus.

YOUR OWN OFFICE: A flexible floor plan means you can easily adapt the premises as needed. Each office floor is divided into 1–3 office spaces with floor areas ranging from 273 to 983 square metres. If your company needs more than that we can add further floors to your office. Regardless of the floor layout the rooms are designed for comfort, with optimized ventilation, generous natural light and external solar shading to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. Help us shape your future dream office!

Sustainably built for a sustainable life

The new office buildings are certified to the Gold standard by the Sweden Green Building Council, and to Gold and Gold Plus standards by FEBY, which means they are sustainably built for sustainable operation. Efficient ventilation and highly insulated walls, ceilings and floors minimize heat loss, while efficiently using the heat generated by people, electrical appliances and the sun. There are also many environmentally smart solutions, such as grey water heat exchangers, which use warm waste water to preheat incoming water. Solar panels on the buildings and wind turbines produce almost 900,000 kWh each year, which is sufficient to run the properties and meet the needs of all tenants and businesses. In combination with the sustainability ratings this makes Edison Park unique in Sweden.


Densification project
2 office buildings and 1 combined office building and multi-storey car park
Leasable area
16,000 sq. m
Moving-in date
Summer 2024
Sweden Green Building Council Gold standard, energy-plus building, passive house
Car and bike park

Convenient location

Edison Park is located in Ideon Science Park, so as well as having access to Ideon’s networks and sharp minds, you are in a very convenient geographical location. Regional and city buses stop right outside, and the tram stop is just a couple of hundred metres away.

If you would rather drive, the E22 runs nearby and you can park in our 700-space multi-storey car park. But we naturally want to encourage cycling so we also have a large bike park with space for 1,276 bikes.

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Mattias Wallin


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Helen Greve


About Castellum

Why choose Castellum?

Castellum is creating tomorrow’s innovative workplaces. We’re one of Sweden's largest companies listed on the stock market and our focus is on helping people to grow and businesses to develop. Castellum is on site and has a strong local presence in attractive Swedish growth regions as well as in the Copenhagen and Helsinki area. With strong local engagement, it's important to us to live up to the expectations of our tenants for reliability and to always take the long-term approach, every day and in everything we do. All our properties are maintained by our own personnel, and you have your own house team to ensure that you’re happy with us.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

At Castellum, we build for a sustainable future. All our new construction projects are environmentally certified in accordance with the stipulations of the Sweden Green Building Council or equivalent. This means that our tenants can expect a safe working environment with proper materials and efficient use of energy. Edison Park will be certified in accordance with the stipulations of the Sweden Green Building Council, Gold level, one of Sweden's highest environmental certifications for buildings. The certification places stringent demands on the building's design and performance, with energy efficiency, comfortable temperature and airflow, entry of daylight and material selections without environmental risks being a few examples of the demands.

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