Gamlestadsvägen 18, Gothenburg

At Gamlestadsvägen 18 we have created high-quality office space while preserving the building’s industrial heritage character.

Gamlestaden – an expansive and expanding area

A densely populated and attractive district is being created for Gamlestaden, one of five city areas designated for development. A new travel centre have opened in Gamlestaden Square, and this exciting and diverse part of Gothenburg is developing into a dense and dynamic mixed-use city district, featuring new housing, shops, offices and hotels.

Modern and creative with industrial character

We’ve begun the refurbishment of a number of Castellum buildings in this expansive part of the city. Gamlestadsvägen 18 includes buildings constructed in 1920 for the Original-Odhner company, which manufactured adding-machines (the original calculators!).

One of the buildings was refurbished in 2016, with facade renovation, interior remodeling and new technical installations. Renovation of the building at Gamlestadsvägen 18 continued through 2017, with new technical installations, new surface treatments (wood or tiles) on each floor, and restored stairwells. Here we have created modern premises that meet today’s demand for space efficiency, while highlighting the building’s fine historic qualities and reinforcing the industrial character. Entrances have been exposed, and electric-car charging stations are located just outside the building.

In a few years’ time, we plan to continue with exterior alterations. By renovating the roof and facade and installing new windows, we’ll restore original qualities such as high ceilings, leaded windows and wide stairwells, thus providing creative environments where people can prosper and develop.

Local planning process

We have begun the planning process for the area north of new Gamlestaden Square. A mixed-use local “town centre” has been sketched out, and we’re currently working on a dense new block-zoning structure for residential and office as well as retail premises.

One stop from city centre

The new travel centre is a major hub for travelling by train, tram and bus. Only one stop away from the Gothenburg green-and-greening city centre, this location is becoming increasingly attractive and convenient as Gamlestaden transforms and integrates.


There are currently no vacancies, but if you are interested in finding out more about our project, please feel free to contact Sara Almroth, ph. +46 31 744 09 17.


Leasable area
14,200 kvm
Time plan
Stage 1 was completed in 2017

Contact persons

Almroth, Sara

Projektutvecklare Almroth, Sara