Slakthusområdet, Stockholm

There’s a comprehensive inner-city expansion program going on in the Slakthusområdet area of Söderstaden, in Stockholm. Together, we’re aiming to develop a city district where housing, shops, culture and entrepreneurship live together in harmony. Castellum owns four properties in the area, and our objective is to develop our portfolio and add even more attractive and modern workplaces as the area evolves to create a living, thriving neighbourhood.

The city’s local planning efforts aim to develop a vibrant and dynamic district in the Slakthusområdet, and Castellum is active in contributing quality real estate to the spirit of the program. For example, we’re continuously developing our current portfolio by adding more attractive and modern workplaces to an evolving area, while we also highlight cultural and architectural values.

Our idea is that the history of Slakthusområdet should be retained by preserving the cultural-historical buildings side by side with innovative modern architecture. Tradition and history are utilized through public activities linked to food, drink and events. One example is our exciting collaboration with the Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute and the exhibition “Costume versus Fashion – Swedish gems from the stage to the catwalk”, in which the unique historical qualities of the actual exhibition building are also highlighted.

An intrinsic part of Slakthusområdet planning also includes redrawing the green line of the subway transit system and building a new station at Slakthusområdet.